Oct 16-17, 2017
Scottsdale, Arizona

18th Advanced Profit Innovation Conference

Take the Lead !

As part of the leadership team in a distribution company, it falls to you to provide inspiration and a vision for the future. You set the pace of your team through example.

At the Advanced Profit Innovation Conference, a dozen of the top speakers in the distribution industry will be gathering to advise 100+ leaders like yourself on topics that include: setting company-wide strategy, profit analytics, operations, costing, leadership issues, sales and marketing, and several other "out-of-the box thinking" ideas and tactics for growth.

Having these experts in one place at the same time throughout this two-day conference, where they’ll share their years of experience developing methods for growth and working with and driving the most profitable ideas in some of the most profitable distribution companies, is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Bring your entire team so that you can learn these strategies together, avoiding any confusion or ideas lost to delay or misinterpretation. APIC works best as a group event and you can coordinate which actions your team will take by the time you return home. By attending as a team, you’re guaranteed to have your new initiatives start with everyone in synch.

APIC Fall Conference Dates

APIC (USA) will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona, a beautiful oasis in the southwest. The conference is a two-day event (October 16-17, 2017) with a dual learning track and 12 of the top distribution industry speakers. Sessions and breaks offer incredible opportunities to interact with the speakers and your peers from other companies! To register for this event, Click Here.

Can’t make it to Scottsdale? APIC will also take place in Toronto this fall. In Canada, the conference is a one-day event (October 26, 2017) with a single learning track and 6 of the top distribution industry speakers. To register for the Canada event, Click Here.

Why This is the Only Event Like This

Where else but at the "Advanced Profit Innovation Conference" will you have the opportunity to hear 10-12 of the top distribution industry speakers advising you on strategy, analytics, costing, change leadership, sales, marketing, out-of-the-box thinking and much more? Nowhere else but here at APIC! There is no other conference that compares.

The APIC conference is now in its 18th season, held twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) in the beautiful oasis-like setting of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The conference is a 2-day event that features a dual learning track where you can move from session to session. The breaks in between each session offer great networking opportunities with all of the speakers as well as with other distribution executives, just like yourself!

The admission price is kept affordable in order to allow you to send multiple members of your executive teams. You can plan which sessions each will attend, and afterward, you can regroup and discuss which actions or changes each team will focus on upon return. This unique experience gives your team the chance to hear the material at the same time and then launch new strategies and tactics with cohesiveness and success.

APIC provides the tools necessary to be an innovative distributor. Imagine increasing your profit 4-5 times without increasing your revenue. That’s what we did, and you can, too!


We’ve gathered the best distribution industry experts to share their knowledge and experience with you and your team. This group tracks profit-making innovations across the spectrum, and will be here to share the latest techniques to move you to the front of the pack.

Bruce Merrifield

The Merrifield Consulting Group

Bruce has done acclaimed video training on Customer Nichonomics based on past distribution turnaround work. His Line-Item Profit Analytics (LIPA) and Cost-to-Serve Math training tools have made the ability to dominate Customer Niches now even easier and more assured.

He has been writing and lecturing on tactics and best practices in distribution for more than three decades and has done work in over 150 channels.


Shelley Row, P.E., ACC

Shelley Row

A professional engineer & former executive, Shelley Row, P.E., is a leadership decision-making expert & recovering over-thinker. She’s interviewed executives on decision-making, studied the business implications of neuroscience & is a certified coach.

She combines her background to create practical, real world applications that make a difference for companies. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, HuffPost Business & Smartbog on Leadership. She’s a well known speaker, consultant and author.


Jonathan Bein, Ph.D

Real Results Marketing

Jonathan is Managing Partner of Real Results Marketing — the only agency focused solely on helping distributors turn marketing into a profit center. Using advanced analytic techniques, market research, and integrated marketing techniques, he has helped numerous distributors develop marketing programs that systematically generate additional revenue and profit.

He has a Computer Science Ph.D. from University of Colorado.


Dirk Beveridge

4th Generation Systems | UnleashWD

Dirk is President of 4th Generation Systems, one of the leading providers of employee development and sales empowerment systems to distribution companies and their suppliers. In 2012, Dirk founded UnleashWD, an innovation summit for distributors. UnleashWD is dedicated to bringing innovation to the wholesale distribution industry.


Mark Dancer

Channelvation, Inc.

Mark is a channel strategist with a passion for innovation, and the newest Fellow for the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence.

For more than 25 years, he has coached leaders and teams to create visions, drive growth and achieve personal missions, through a balance of discipline and creativity.


Ken Brown

Evergreen Consulting

Ken has spent his career working in wholesale distribution. He began as a sales professional, worked for two distribution companies as a sales rep to sales management to VP Sales/Marketing to President of a national distribution company.

In 2007, Ken joined Evergreen Consulting as a co-owner/senior partner. He has worked with hundreds of distribution clients on pricing, margin improvement and profit strategies.


Benson Garner

Copper State Creative

Don’t let this millennial’s age fool you! Benson is an experienced business strategist with unrivaled passion for helping business owners and executives grow their companies exponentially.

From garage startups to Fortune 50 strategy advisor, Benson’s experiences make him a vital asset for business leaders looking to make their companies unstoppable and their competition irrelevant.


Barbara Trautlein, Ph.D

Change Catalysts

​Barbara is the author of Change Intelligence. During her 25+ year career, she facilitated change initiatives and coached leaders resulting in powerful leadership and bottom-line business results.

A thought-leader and sought-after speaker and trainer, she is gifted at sharing real-world, actionable strategies. Clients include Abbott, Cisco, Ford and Grainger.


Barry Wright

Grosvenor Training and Consulting

A Senior Partner, Barry Wright brings his warm, dynamic, and entertaining teaching style to the arena of sales management, negotiation, and leadership training.

He has facilitated more than 1,250 developmental programs with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to national and international Wholesalers and Distributors.


Randy MacLean

WayPoint Analytics

As President of WayPoint Analytics, Randy MacLean invented Quantum Costing™, the distribution industry’s leading costing system, helping clients realize profit gains of 200% and more. The best-selling author of three profitability books, he and his team advise top distribution companies on profit-related best practices.


Jeanne Hurlbert, Ph.D

Hurlbert Consulting Group

​Jeanne is an expert in sociology and survey research. After spending more than 25 years in academia, she now helps companies meld research and marketing to find out exactly what their customers want and show companies how to deliver it.

She is also using her extensive behavioral science expertise to help companies distinguish themselves through their customer service.


Ron Holm

Max Sacks International | WayPoint Analytics

​Ron Holm wears two hats. At WayPoint Analytics, he provides their U.S. business development services. He is also a Senior Instructor for Max Sacks International and its highly acclaimed Track Selling System sales training.

In 2015, he worked with WayPoint team to create and present the Track Selling System for WayPoint Workshop.


If there was only one conference you attend this year, it should be APIC. The conference helps confirm the basic concepts that we all know but are unable to execute. You are able to leave the conference with knowledge and real life success stories of processes that truly work with adding profit to your bottom line!

Speaker Topics

Amazon Business: Foe, Friend, Partner? Role Model!In 2015, Amazon Supply became Amazon Business.

Bruce Merrifield

Resellers were allowed to join a new B2B Marketplace. Sales have zoomed!

In this session, Bruce will address the following lingering questions:

  1. How AMZ-BIZ will keep growing?
  2. Why AMZ is turning friendly to B2B resellers?
  3. Your counter innovation agenda? And more!

Go with Your Gut: Effective Decision-Making in an Over-Thinking World

Shelley Row, P.E., ACC

During disruptive and unsettling times, you need the best decision-making you can get from your staff. But change, worry and disruptive workplace dynamics compromise cognitive functioning. Can your business afford that? Now you can apply neuroscience techniques that help you:

  1. Coach your staff to stop over-thinking, decide and move on;
  2. Recognize when staff are in a reactive state that will compromise good decisions and what to do about it; and
  3. Learn to enable aha-moments when you need them most.

This program is grounded in 77 executive interviews and neuroscience.

CEO Mindset for the Digital Age - Disrupted, Disintermediated and Downright Defiant

Mark Dancer

CEOs are thinking differently about their business — where to take it and what to get from it. New ideas are on the table for creating new value, making social contributions and winning when so many say they can’t. Our ideas reflect insights from more than 100 distributor CEOs.

The Race is On — Sales Toolkit to Checkered Flag

Ron Holm

Sales team mired in the pits? Want a turbo-charged, super-charged selling tool to lead the pack? In this high-energy, interactive workshop, we’ll pop the hood on a Track Selling System Value Proposition Toolkit and give you the keys to design one for your company.

How Customer Segmentation Wins the Race

Randy MacLean

With the market getting tighter, sales teams are taking much more sophisticated approaches to driving sales. Profit-value segmentation is becoming the go-to element of race-winning strategies. sales leaders will find out how this sharpens sales focus, targets concierge customer service and pricing strategies, and produces higher profits and commissions. This eye-opening session is for new attendees and old hand alike.

Distributor Sales: Training, Coaching and Compensation

Ken Brown

Learn how to connect sales compensation to operating profit, organic growth and other strategic company objectives. Strive for extraordinary growth and profits with an ongoing sales training, effective coaching and compensation plans that encourage the right behaviors and reward for the right results.

This session by Ken will also address ways of improving sales performance and aligning the sales team to your company’s strategic objectives.

Secrets to Exponential Business Growth for Business Owners and Executives

Benson Garner

Everyone drones on about sales, marketing, and operations but distribution businesses are still dropping like flies What few understand is that these things will only grow your business incrementally at best.

Benson will tell you annihilating the competition, leading your industry, and growing your business exponentially will take radical new business strategies and value innovations.

The Four Key Elements of Customer-Centric Operational Excellence

Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert

Customer-centric operational excellence requires that you (1) ENSURE your organization is truly customer-centric; (2) institute a customer data system that gathers the metrics you need; (3) remain analytically focused, using not only profit analytics but also customer and predictive analytics; and (4) ensure your internal culture supports customer-centric excellence.

Profit in a Multichannel World

Dr. Jonathan Bein

For many distributors, multi-channel only means adding e-commerce alongside field sales. However, there is more to multi-channel than just field sales and e-commerce. It might or perhaps should include proactive inside sales, vending machines, mobile, email, and SMS/MMS. The key driver for all of these potential channels is your customer’s needs for more efficiency in how they shop and buy from you. Using information from over 8000 customers of distributors and several hundred distributors, Jonathan Bein will show you how to get the best ROI from your sales and marketing channels in this new age.

INNOVATE! How to Create Relevance and Profitability in the Age of Disruption

Dirk Beveridge

Most businesses agree they must reinvent their business before someone else does. But, as you continue to operate the business for today, how can you unleash the spirit of innovation to create a relevant, stronger, and more pro table future?

In this session you’ll explore The Innovative DistributorTM framework that provides practical lessons for creating transformative change. Few speakers today have the ability to help both seasoned and emerging leaders understand that status quo is the enemy and they have a new responsibility to create a relevant and sustainable future. Dirk gets it and helps your people not only get it but leave with a roadmap for jump starting innovation

Are YOU Driving — or Derailing - in the Race of Change?

Dr. Barbara Trautlein

The race of change is on in the distribution industry. Are you leading the pack? Stalled in a pit stop? Totally off the rails? Driving a car is a learnable skill — and so is leading your company to embrace the changes it needs to make to thrive in these turbulent times. As the late great Dale Earnhardt sagely said, "It’s a never ending battle of making your cars [or your company] better and also trying to be better yourself." Don’t just go along for the ride. Get in the driver’s seat and get results.

Why Operational Excellence is Not Optional

Randy MacLean

You’ve heard races are won in the pits, and this is doubly true for distributors. With deep analytics coming into common usage, identification of wasteful and inefficient operational practices is a competitive advantage. In this session, operations leaders will learn how to combine the latest analytics with tactics and techniques that drive operational excellence. With these tools, you’ll know how to make your pit crew the best in the business.

Maximizing Operational Excellence

Barry Wright

If operational excellence is truly a function of management, what do we need to do? The key to our success is to have data, knowledge, and the ability to apply the rules. In the words of Peter Drucker, "Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done."

Wright’s fact-paced interactive session will uncover the tools needed to be in the winner’s percentile. This session will guarantee you master the traits, skills and activities needed to make the tough decisions, say the right things, and apply emotional intelligence to our negotiations.

innovation and excellence. Dirk will show you how and inspire you to act!

The materials provide a perfect blend of strategic and tactical solutions that can start to be implemented immediately, with lasting results. The small size of the groups, access to speakers, specialized depth of knowledge of speakers and open-mindedness of conference participants make APIC a conference of choice!


Networking with the right people translates into acceleration of your business!

In the movie,"Days of Thunder," Tom Cruise’s character laments "I come into the pit and I’m in 1st place, I go out and I’m in 3rd", illustrating how the slightest inefficiencies in a team’s operations can have tremendous repercussions. This is true of your business as well.

Robert Duvall’s character then gives him what seems to be an insane solution, but suddenly what was wrong before isn’t wrong now. Duvall, with new information, (taking the outside lane and leading into 1st) is able to guide Cruise to victory by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience the other racers do not have.

Making the right choices, like shifting into 5th gear to turbocharge your profits rather than running safe in 3rd gear, can be a daunting task. As a leader, it falls to you to find the right solutions and make those choices. Where do you turn for advice? Who is your sounding board? Who is your coach?

At APIC, you’ll have access to a dozen expert ’coaches’ as well as an ability to network with other executives from the distribution industry. You’ll gain new perspectives and new solutions as you interact with your peers and talk one-on-one with our expert presenters. The opportunity to interact with numbers of others who have faced many of the same challenges that you have — or that you may face in the future — is unprecedented. And, they’re looking for similar hard-earned wisdom from you, too!

You’ll get a chance to exchange ideas, commiserate over war stories, and offer and accept advice during networking sessions. You will find yourself building the relationships that will give you the insight to move faster and pull ahead of your competition. You won’t find a group of peers in distribution who are more motivated to lead the pack than the folks who attend APIC.

Join us on the first evening of the conference from 4:30pm - 7:30pm, for cocktails, raffle prizes and dinner!

My goals were to network and learn about some top-of-mind trends in the wholesale distribution industry. Accomplished both of these easily. The access to the participants and presenters was good and there was time in the agenda for networking and side-conversations.

Registration Pricing



per person*


*Group pricing for teams of 3 or more - $799 per person



per person*


*Group pricing for teams of 3 or more - $899 per person



per person*


*Group pricing for teams of 3 or more - $1049 per person



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*Group pricing for teams of 3 or more - $699 per person

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Registration Information

We’ve designed the conference pricing to support your ability to bring several members of your executive teams (Presidents | CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CPOs, VPs, and Sales). Take advantage of this opportunity! Plan which sessions each should attend, then regroup between sessions and in the evening to discuss next steps and devise your strategies. You’ll find this unique experience will lead to faster success and stronger cohesiveness.

Registration Includes:

  • All conference materials (including handouts, books, speaker swag, plus tote bag filled with nifty giveaways)
  • 12 CPE credits
  • Continental breakfast, plentiful snacks and beverages (Days 1 and 2)
  • Catered lunch on Day 1
  • Hosted Speaker Event featuring networking, speaker/vendor booths, cocktails and dinner (1st night, 4:30pm - 7:30pm)

Book TODAY and start planning your team’s strategies and action steps — CLICK HERE to register now !

The APIC conference will change the way you view your business, will make you ask yourself some hard questions. It also completely changes your perspective on generating profits. We came back enthused after this conference unlocked a whole new potential for generating profits.

Tentative Agenda

Typically, most executives will fly in on the 15th and fly back late afternoon on the 17th. It’s also a great opportunity for spouses and families to take advantage of a mini-getaway and enjoy the hotel’s wonderful amenities or the many excursions and shopping available in the southwest.


5:30pm - 6:00pm ~ Early Registration


7:00am - 7:30am ~ Registration & Continental Breakfast

7:30am - 4:00pm ~ Day 1 Conference Sessions (Dual Tracks)

4:30pm - 7:30pm ~ Networking Hosted Speaker Event

(Cocktails, Booths, Raffle Prizes, Dinner)


7:00am - 7:30am ~ Continental Breakfast

7:30am - 12:00pm ~ Day 2 Conference Sessions (Dual Tracks)

12:00pm ~ Conference Ends

Conference and Hotel Venue

We’re getting back to our roots and returning to the beautiful and freshly remodeled Scottsdale Plaza Resort, where you can count on outstanding service and a friendly atmosphere.

The Scottsdale Plaza features first-class amenities, and focuses on providing guests with a sense of tranquility, while capturing the true essence of Arizona.

For the APIC Conference, we’ve secured a block of standard rooms at a great price ($169). Book your stay now because these rooms will sell out fast! If you wish to upgrade to a Patio or Villa Suite ($199) or a Bi-Level Suite ($229), please call the resort directly at 800-832-2025 and reference "APIC2017".

Click here to view resort amenitites and see what the resort has to offer. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend one of the distribution industry’s most premiere conferences in an undeniably breathtaking setting.

The Scottsdale Plaza Resort

7200 N Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Book your stay today! Or, call 800-832-2025 and reference "APIC2017".

Have Questions Regarding the Conference?

We’re here to help you in any way we can, so you can rest assured your two-day stay will be filled with great information, take away actions, networking relationships and much, much more!

Please let me know how we can assist you via email or phone.

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APIC Producer

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